Nawar Hussein, Spain’s Real Estate Leader

One thing everyone should be aware of as regards Nawar Hussein is that he has a phenomenal reputation as a businessman, realtor and as an investor. His clients trust him with the most important area of their lives; real estate is usually the largest purchase most families make. Besides his acknowledged skills and prowess as a real property investor, Nawar is also very highly regarded for his work as an entrepreneur of some note.

When Nawar Hussein founded Riereta Equity Group, a leading real estate investment firm that specializes in real estate investments in the Barcelona and Girona areas of Spain, it was with the intention of creating the best such firm in all of Spain, and he has largely done that, by meeting and exceeding expectations.Nawar and Rierita Equity Group deal in both commercial and residential propertiesin a variety of sectors. They invest in residential homes, multifamily properties, retail, manufacturing and even office space.

The primary purpose for buying, selling, leasing, putting a property up for rent, or even setting it up for the owner’s use is based on the hope of getting an impressive return on investment (ROI). And that is what Nawar Hussein provides. Every investor knows that real estate provides the highest ROI of any potential investment. That is, after all, the conventional wisdom and one that even the newest investors are quite familiar with.What makes Nawar Hussein special is his unique ability to find the best investment properties, meaning those that are priced below fair market value and which are in good enough shape to make rehabilitation and renovation financially viable. Nawar Hussein has become a strong force in the Spanish real estate market for a reason.